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6 December 2011

Probably the last major show we'll see this year in San Francisco, and a nice one to go out with: A good runway show with outfits that were eco-conscious, including a dress hand-made from pineapple leaves. You would never have known. Looks were all up-class elegance. Most overheard comment from the crowd: That's a pretty dress.

Super-looking venue that staff did a nice job with. Nice work from the models (Stars), designers, and stylists. One disappointment: We missed Angela Lindvall. Unfortunately.

This was another well-run and organized show. Well-rehearsed, no backstage drama or chaos. Staff was also very helpful and considerate to us, including service back-stage from the event's hosted bar. Seriously. Second time in a row we have hugged the show-runner on our way out, and another easy call (thanks Lily!).

From hair-and-make-up to Parade:

photo-essay by Steve Phipps/FAMAMOCA


Producers: Lily Achatz and Clarissa Nicosia


Karen Caldwell, Minolya, Sara Shepherd, Oliver Tolentino ( www.olivertolentino.com )


Nicole Domecus
Maggie Graves
Alwyn Lansing
Jillian Lieber
Lauren Loveless
Morgan Olson
Tori Owens
Sydney Reed
Victoria Rodriguez
Amy Sherring
( Stars Agency, www.starsagency.com )


Daniel Keith ( danny-duran@live.com )
Esteban Martinez ( esteban.martinez83@yahoo.com )
Stacey Pawlakos ( sherilynnjadesalon.com )


Natasha Sunshine Antonioni ( byu-ti.com )
Sherilynn Smart ( sherilynnjadesalon.com )
Shara Deaton ( sherilynnjadesalon.com )
Stacey 'Rae' Barnes ( stacey.bee73@yahoo.com )

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