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SNOW, A White Fashion Event, 2012

Presented by SFBA Fashion Network

28 January 2012

From SNOW.


Somewhere along the road to this show, we got the impression that this would be a smaller, more intimate thing.


36 models, 6 designers, 5 and more looks from each designer, and we guess, about 300 guests. Oh, and one bathroom.


The show was in the long work-bay of an automotive repair shop, Cowden Automotive, downtown SOMA, well made over. (And they did a nice job with the lifts — those aren't easy to move or hide, so kudos to all concerned.) A brutal PA system at the event though, a kind of common curse for the converted event-space, we find, where it can be hard to get the sound clear and clean and at volume. And just brutal at some points for this. With some deafening, cringe-inducing screeches.



This was a theme show. Everything in white: Everything walking on the runway. All the event staff. All the guests. And also, the entire photographers galley-gang, a rabble as unlikely to be shown in all white if ever there was, we're sure. (With apologies to Stuart Locklear, who looked quite dashing. Really. And we're not just sucking up.)

Some striking pieces in this show. Some sheer, length dresses. Some short — pictures of layers and delicate lacework. A beaded, backless silver gown. Some sharp men's suits, including a high-collared jacket. It's something we hope for at every show like this we attend: Pieces from someone who has the courage and the skill to take a chance. A too-rare pleasure.

Surprise, and a very, very nice one.

photo-essay by Steve Phipps/FAMAMOCA


Models: FORD Models, CITY Model Agency, Cast Images, Halvorson Models

Anna Makovchik
Annabelle Bostedt
Annette Dana
Antoinette Coleman
Caitlin Holleran
Chris Naasko
Elizabeth Holm
Ernily Sweet
Ethan Wood
Feiy Tchaco
Gafariela Lerma
Georgianne Queinoz
Haley Sutton
Hanna Perry
Jewel Burks
Julia Saelee
Katrina Sperry
Kelly Tanimura
Kristina Brockmann
Kui Mwaniki
Liana Neparidze
Luke Roberts
Marcus Aieman
Mark Grgurich
Natalie Bogan
Nita Crumedy
Oliver Escardo
Omolara Amarant
Shelby Rothwell
Sommer Merrill
Staniel Ferreira
Sukhdeep Maan
Tifani Grimes
Tina Henry
Vincent Beard
Zadasha White


Violetta Vieux, www.viogemini.com
Julie Schindler, www.julieschindler.com
Cana Klebanoff, www.canaklebanoff.com
Herbert Williamson, www.herbertvictoria.com
Cart Borja, www.cariborja.com
Joseph Domingo, www.josephdomingo.com

Show Credits:

Event Director: Janice Bailon
Runway Director: Owen Buenaventura
Model/Dresser Committee: Zoe Hong, Liz Caruana
Hair Team Committee: Rowena Hiraga, Rebecca Beardsley
Make-up Committee: Tunbeela Shaikh, Sara Dashty
Photo Director: Stuart Locklear
LookBook Photographer: Warren DiFranco
Backstage Photographers: Tess Chenna, VCrown
FOH Photographer: Christophe Tomatis
Stylist/Accessory Committee: Carina Castro, Filiz Caglayan, Sadia Zaidi
DJ/Music/Lighting: Dj-G.CUE
F&B/Catering Manager: Tom Packo
Guest Relation Manager: Elke Gadi, Bianca Gadi, Bettina Pancho
Production Asistants: Robert Shabazz, Noor Rasheed
Make-up Team: Maggie Thach, Charlie Banguis, Yavii Vazquez, Tiffany Le, Katie C, Emily Sims, Michelle Chapman
Hair Team: Heather Jassem, Scott Smith, Sam Hubert, Yesenia Guinea, Aviva Morger, Naomi Rosario, Raquel Farjado, Dan Burke
Head of Security: Henry Contreras, John Gadi
Dressers: Lisa Amos for Julie Schindler, Michelle Lee for Cana Klebanoff, Tiffany Phung for Herbert Williamson, David Doerr for Cari Borja, Arrielle Maerina for Joseph Domingo, Lisa Nguyen for Vioietta Vieux
Volunteers: Trina Salina, Arnold San Jose, Minh Tran, Carmen Baldwin
SFBAfn Director: Joseph Domingo


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