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04 February 2012

From Rock the Runway.

"Because it has to."

You do enough shows, you see something amazing: Despite all the confusion, all the chaos, all the last-minute changes and all the "Where is ... !" "We Can't!" "Somebody get ... !", the show you're at pulls itself together and succeeds.

Overheard: "They're always like this."

They are. Or, usually.

This one got a bad break to start. A phone call you don't want on the morning of: One of the vendors supplying equipment for your show isn't coming. Neither is the equipment.

Music was good at this show. (Overheard, from one of the designers: "Wait ... this isn't the song I requested!") With a nice, live performance in-between collections, too. Collections were good too, with a nice assortment of men's and women's, including a brilliant-red men's suit and men's pattern-design jackets, some with subtlety, some with obvious flair.

Lighting was tough at this show, held in the beautiful, combined Redwood and Velvet rooms of the Clift Hotel. But with no show lighting, we couldn't even drag an exposure out of our big zoom, wide open at 3200.

"Where is ...!", "We Can't!", "Somebody get ...!"???

My fast prime — shoot with that from here anyway — flash power, baby, more flash power.

Show kicked off late: Forty minutes after the first model was supposed to walk, most were still upstairs, having their looks finalized. You haven't seen a hotel-room so jam-packed with people, clothes and gear since that college ski-weekend.

Overhead, from us, laughing, to the stylists' room: "It's amazing. All the confusion, all the chaos. All the last-minute changes. And then it pulls itself together and succeeds."

Answered: "Because it has to."

Bonus points:

Before the show, one of the designers runs over to Goodwill, buys herself a belt, seamlessly adds it to her own outfit for the show. +1

Photographers allowed in the service elevator. +1

photo-essay by Steve Phipps/FAMAMOCA



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