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11 December 2012

From Gorgeous & Green.

The closing show again for us in San Francisco, and a nice one to go out with. With a theme this year: Winter white cocktail. And with, cough-cough, quite a few non-conformists. Us too, for parts of it anyway. (Fit your big zoom, spare batteries and memory cards into a slim-fit 38 and get back to us.) Tolentino closed the show with a strapless champagne gown. Attendees opened and closed the show with applause and champagne.

Again, a super-looking venue that staff did a nice job with. Ice-sculptures and flocked Christmas trees, though we didn't think to check if the latter were living or real. Nice work from the models (Stars) and stylists. Male models walked in the show this year, for Pact. Overheard, backstage: "It looks like you're smuggling watermelons."

And our note to you if you weren't sure: Yeah, actually, don't reach out onto the runway. Don't insert yourself into the show. Don't expect to interact with the models as they walk by. Don't put them in that position. They're not that kind of entertainment. They're there to walk. Handled with aplomb this night, though. And kudos to you, gentlemen, for that. For your professionalism. Kudos.

Last year, the San Francisco-cast of E! Network's Scouted Season 1 walked this show: Alwyn Lansing, Nicole Domecus, Jillian Lieber. Yes, we asked if there's going to be a Season 2. No, we didn't get anything definite.

And disappointment redux: We missed Angela Lindvall. Again. Unfortunately. Also, Amber Valletta this year. Unfortunately. We had so hoped. But Cody Horn was there. Overheard: "She looks like a Ralph Lauren model." See our twitter for a quick snap from the step-n-repeat, plus the rest of a quick 10 from us that went up night-of.

From hair and make-up to Parade:

photo-essay by Steve Phipps/FAMAMOCA

awaiting full credit list and confirmations

Producers: Lily Achatz and Clarissa Nicosia


Amour Vert, Minolya, PACT, Cari Borja, Oliver Tolentino ( www.olivertolentino.com )


Alyssa Lenore
Layla Harris
Alwyn Lansing
Topher Smith
Karson Kuehner
Trevor White
Sheldon Bryan
( Stars Agency, www.starsagency.com )


Daniel Keith ( danny-duran@live.com )
Hillary Clark
Audrey Mendoza
Julianne Chai
Lupe Viayra
Sonja Tam


Natasha Sunshine ( byu-ti.com )
Sherilynn Smart ( sherilynnjadesalon.com )
Shara Deaton ( sherilynnjadesalon.com )
Spencer Henry
Kylie Bryan
Sura Radcliffe

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