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Fashion On The Square

Intercontinental Hotel, San Francisco

05 August 2012

by Steve Phipps/FAMAMOCA

Walk with a crash of applause. Thanks too.

Rehearsal for Fashion on the Square 2012.

Here's one of the perks, since you asked: Heidi would tell you, "You are, in."

Everything relaxes a little bit. The people — the models and the designers and the stylists and the dressers. The thing itself. And so you get something that's a little more, something. True, maybe. If a tree fell in the forest, but no one was there to hear it: If the show you're at let you in just a little more, would it let you really see. More than from the little space on the riser you've been defending for the last two hours. More than from your seat there in the audience. From all that perspective. What the thing is, what really it is. How it starts, how it becomes. Before it falls out there in the forest for everyone to see, and then after. Its walk with a crash of applause.

This was a show, really, for the family. Casual to swimwear to glamour. Kids to teens to adults. Old Navy and Banana Republic to Joseph Domingo's pretty couture.

We don't shoot children's runway, but the kids were cute and they seemed to have fun. One of the girls posed and posed at the end of the runway, so long that she backed up the trailing gang behind her. Tsk-tsk. One of the boys hammed it up too, and successfully. When was the last time you heard the Photo Pit consumed with an entertained chuckle? That was us, too. For shame, for shame, to be sure. "Kids and pets," someone from the riser looked over and said to us with a grin, "kids and pets."

Some plus-sized models, Joseph Domingo's Certificate of Honor, and the first gun-show we've ever seen at runway, too.

From pre-show to post:



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Joseph Domingo
Banana Republic
Dark Garden
Charmosa Swimwear
Old Navy
Apple Bottoms
Randy Rowden

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